Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wardrobe Malfunctions

Normally I update my wardrobe an item at a time. A new shirt here, a pair of pants there, and old stuff just gets thrown away in time. But somehow I have managed to come upon disastrous string of events and need to buy a whole lot of clothes at once.

I have two pairs of pants that I've just wanted to replace, and while I can admit that there is nothing "wrong with them" they just happen to be two pairs that I don't like to wear... Into the donation bag with them. I also have a couple shirts that I just don't wear. They're taking up room in my closet, and they haven't come off the hanger in a good six months. Time to pack them up and ship them out.

Then in the last two days my clothes have just had no luck.

Monday I was at work in a very comfortable gray silk shirt when a case of beer committed suicide and proceeded to spray beer all over my clothing. The pants are OK, the shoes got some polish when I got home, but the shirt was just F'd. No hope for it whatsoever. Fine, I need to buy three shirts instead of two.

Then today I was in an account where they were remodeling, and caught my pocket on a nail that was sticking out. A quick turn later, and my pants were no longer very adequate pants at all. This and other things have happened to people I work with before, and as such I have kept a change of clothes in the car every day for the past year. So I had something to change into, and a pair of pants that I really liked got a trip to the trash bin. The owner of the account felt so bad that he offered to pay for the pants. After he heard what they cost, I was surprised that he was so willing to buy me another pair. So at least I am not paying for the third pair for trousers (who uses that word, honestly?).

And now on Friday I get to go replace a number of items in my closet, and I couldn't be happier. It gets said that men hate shopping. That isn't true. Men hate shopping when they have to be doing it for other people. Or with other people. And don't get me wrong, I enjoy going and buying clothes for myself with a female friend in tow for the opposite sex opinion. I just can't stand going out, spending all day shopping, and not getting anything for myself (yes, I am a spoiled brat).

But now I am at an impasse. Do I stick with what I have always bought, or do I do something bold. When it come to dressing for work I am the most consistent guy on the planet. Black pants, buttoned shirt. Every day it's the same thing. Maybe I should try something bold. A pair of khaki pants, and perhaps a polo (tennis) shirt or two is in order.

But then I realize that I buy the same clothes every time for the same reason. I can dress down a dress shirt all day long. But I can NEVER wear a polo shirt to a work meeting, no matter how casual the meeting is. Meetings mean ties, ties require collared shirts. And so I may be bold with colors, but styles will remain the same. Maybe a pair of gray trousers (again with that word) to really make a change. I'd wager that someone at work would notice the difference. In two and a half years I've worn nothing but black pants to the office...

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Working On A Sunday

So of course, yesterday I had a lot of fun and spent the entire day hanging out with a bunch of VW and Audi guys. There are hundreds of photos that I'll have to put up when I have the time.

Waterwagens, the biggest VW/Audi show in the state (perhaps the entire Pacific Northwest) is going on today at Pacific Raceways and I'm not attending.

Why? Because work needed to be done, and I am the guy that somehow always ends up "volunteering."

My boss took me to breakfast this morning and we spent some time going over a few critical things before work Monday morning. There is a lot to be done on Monday, and we just wanted to make sure that we had enough time to cover everything. Tuesday is the last day of the month, and it is to be saved exclusively for covering our asses and fixing whatever gets done wrong on Monday, so those hours are already spoken for. So Mondays work had to be carefully planned, and the time accounted for. Thank God we bothered to do so.

Apparently to finish everything that we wanted to do on Monday it would have taken a 14 hour day. I'd rather put in a few hours today and not work form 6AM tomorrow until 8PM at night. So here I sit at home, after finishing everything at the office and mailing myself what I could do at home. It isn't that bad. Shark Week is on the TV, I can update my blog while I wait for a Powerpoint show to download, and I can have a cold beer and a burger while working on a Sunday.

Friday, July 27, 2007


So it's Friday and I am just exhausted.

It's not that I lost sleep or exerted myself to much, it's just the tension of the week finally being done with and over. We had some serious work to do this last week in order to make sure that everything that needed to be done in July will get finished before August 1st. I know that there are two work days left in the month, but there was a LOT to get done.

One of our largest brands has their fiscal year begin in July. For us this means that July is a phenomenal time to get ahead of the game and stay there. If we can get to the end of the month up a few percent, we can keep that trending positive and carry that growth throughout the year. It also gives us a bit of breathing room if we have a slow month...

August is also Washington Wine Month. It doesn't sound like that big of a deal to most people out of the state, but here it is huge. Washington has a ton of state pride when it comes to their wines and a lot of people will drink very little else. To me it's foolish, but hey, if someone is thrilled about our wines and wants to have nothing else, more power to them. August will be one of our biggest wine months, and as a result there is a lot to be done before the 1st...

Then there are incentives. A LOT of summer based incentives for our sales guys end in July (to allow them to cap off their numbers with one of the biggest beer months of the year). Incentives range from a couple of hundred dollars to $5,000+. One of the neatest incentives simply has an allotment of money to be won. People earn their portion of the cash by hitting their personal sales from last year for the territory they sell in, and then their percentage of increase is their percentage of the money they earn. The pot is in the neighborhood of $12000. A five percent increase nets you $600. A fifty percent increase nets you $6000 (a number that they expect NOBODY to hit). It's a really cool structured incentive that really gives people one hell of a goal. 5% is easy (the beer business for this brand is already trending at 7%), but growing from there requires effort and intelligence. Because this same incentive happens every year, and every year the money grows, a SMART victory is the key. Sure one could turn an 30% increase this market, but to make A DIME next year they have to match that number and then grow from there.
So, the end of July is a very busy time with us running hundreds of numbers for our guys and for ourselves.

And now, for the most part, I don't have to worry about much. So I'm at home relaxing...

It's a good Friday.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Six In A Row

So the Mariners have managed to lose six games in a row, and I'm going to the game tomorrow night.

The Mariners record, when I attend games, is 2-10. Two wins. Ten losses.

The weird thing is that I can't miss the game tomorrow night, because it's a work event. We have people from another country in to attend this baseball game, and I can't claim that I'm bad luck for the team and shouldn't go.

And Jeff Weaver is pitching.

The last Weaver game that I went to he got LIT UP for a few runs every inning. Like 5 runs every inning. This is going to be one hell of a game tomorrow.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

The European Grand Prix

"The Honda is a piece of junk when compared to the MB422..."

-Absolutely my favorite comment from the race at the Nurburgring this morning. Not that I think that the Honda is unworthy of racing, but the Benz is by far a superior car.

For weeks people are going to debate the decision by McLaren-Mercedes to have Lewis Hamilton come into the pits and go onto dry weather tires after the red flag at the beginning of the race. After having slid off of a very wet track (along with 5 other cars), sustaining NO damage, and keeping the engine running, Hamilton's presence in the race AT ALL was a bit of skill and a ton of luck. But to have him switch to dry weather tires when the track was still very damp? I have no clue what the hell they were thinking. His climb from last to ninth was still quite spectacular, especially after his crash on Saturday.

At the end of the race, Benz still took home the victory, with Fernando Alonso winning the race in the other MB422.


Saturday, July 21, 2007

No US Grand Prix

So. Next year there will be no United States Grand Prix.

I am pissed beyond reason, and have been for days.

I've been taking my time in composing this post, because initally it was just a melange of; "arrogant European fucks," "Bernie Ecclestone can blow me," and "fuck this shit," with some other random quips thrown in. And at the time, it made perfect sense to me. I am not the only F1 fan in the country, and a lot of people in the country were that mad or more than that mad.

Ecclestone is not required to disclose why the track decline to host the Grand Prix. The track is not required to disclose the terms that were offered to them, in order to host the Grand Prix. Which leads to fans at this point being pretty much in the dark. F1, and the track are calling it a "mutual agreement," which has to strike every fan as a total load of bullshit. The final issue is, and will always be, money. "Reports" (which is my fancy way to say "reporter's gossip") were that F1 Management Ltd wanted as much as TWICE the fee that they had demanded the first eight seasons of the race at Indy. And I can't say that I disagree with an INCREASE in the fee to host the race. Indianapolis Motor Speedway has consistently had the largest crowds in F1 racing (while the are not mandated to release attendance figures, attendance for every race is "estimated" and usually accurate within 4% when figures have been released), and makes money hand over fist. But at the same time twice the money as the year before is one hell of an increase, and something well beyond reasonable to request.

At many other venues that host F1 racing, the tracks are owned by the city that they are in (hell, Monte Carlo, and Australia are run on city streets) and the city can directly see the benefits of the fee that they pay. Direct revenue to local businesses and the increased tax revenue generated as a result of that revenue, help to deffer that very significant initial fee. Indianapolis Motor Speedway is privately held, and as such, the only source of revenue for the people owning the track is money spent on tickets and at the track. While revenue is certainly great, asking someone to DOUBLE what they have paid simply the last year is absurd. Which leads to more speculation...

Bernie Ecclestone does not want Formula One Racing in The United States of America.

There, I've said it, and I'm not the first guy to make that proclamation. I do feel that Ecclestone has never really respected the US as a venue, and is not sad to see it go. If he wanted the fan base in this country to grow, he would have been more than willing to negotiate down to a number that Indianapolis would have accepted. Unfortunately, the man is presented with one depressing fact EVERY SINGLE YEAR...

The most popular motorsport in the US, is NASCAR...

Of course he doesn't give a damn about the US as a market. A majority of the people here are content to watch cars that are technological dinosaurs drive in a FUCKING CIRCLE. The difference between NASCAR and Formula One is the difference between a Ford Mondeo and a Ferrari. And they drive IN A CIRCLE...

Now if you happen to be a NASCAR fan, you can save your thoughts on this difference in style and performance, and simply kiss my ass. I don't give a damn how much driver skill it takes to win in NASCAR, how hard it is to do, or how "advanced" you happen to think the cars are. They drive standard V-8 engined, sheet metal bodied cars, in a loop... (If something is not above me, it is... ?) F1 cars are Carbon Fiber Chassis that have 2.4 litre V-8's making over 700 horsepower, that are rev limited at 19,000 RPM. And then there's the little fact that EVERY part is custom made for the specific car.

But I'm way off topic.

So for now we lose our race, and fans will depart the sport. It's not going to be a mass exodus, but people that had just been getting interested are indeed going to be turned off from the sport. And while dedicated fans like myself will remain, it does nothing to help the sport and it's growth in the US.

Plans for return? I'll believe it when I see it.

The US has numerous circuits that could host the race. Of course my mind says that the west coast alone has 6 or 7 tracks that would be more than adequate to host a US Grand Prix. My track picks would be Laguna Seca, Infineon Raceway, and Portland International Raceway as a "Top Three". The east coast could also get some love. New York has Watkins Glen, which would be a very tight and slow course (which also makes it easier for fans to watch the racing). St. Petersburg hosts an ALMS event in Florida, and that track would be a good venue to attract viewers on the east coast (and in the south). The list goes on and on.

The only thing that I think will NEVER happen (despite people protesting to the contrary) is a Las Vegas Grand Prix.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Greatest

So last night I had the greatest Italian food that I have ever had in my entire life.

I know that people in New York and Chicago read this and scoff, and you can go ahead. In those cities finding good Italian food is probably easier than finding good Italian food in Italy. Out here it is a bit more of a challenge. We do have Festa Italiana in September, but for most of the year anyone capable of making decent food keeps it to themselves and their immediate family.

And I crave Italian food.

All the time, I want good Italian. So for me the only resource is to learn and make it at home. So after years of practice I can make Fettuccine Al Burro E Panna (Alfredo) that tastes like the real thing (as in, in Italy). My Piccata is perfect. My Marsala quite magnificent. My Risotto's really ridiculous. And it goes on...

But recently I have had no desire to cook, and so I have been going out to dinner a ton. Usually with a young lady or a friend in tow. The plan of a dinner out on the town really sells people on the idea quite fast. And up until last night, Italian wasn't an option. Since the close of the greatest Italian restaurant ever (Sportivo) a few years ago, nothing Italian has been an option. The only food resembling Italian nearby has been The Olive Garden (which is about as Italian as fucking Denny's). So no delicious food for me...

Then last night my good friend Yenny calls me up and asks if I wanted to go get Italian food at Verrazanos. This is supposedly delicious Italian at it's finest, at prices that are reasonable and close to home too (literally a 5 minute drive if I hit every red light). Plus it happens to be the place the her fiance (the infamous TimmyTim) proposed to her. And she used to work with the bar tender there. And we go out Karaokeing with him and one of the mangers. So I figured that I should give it a try.

Best Food Ever.

Wednesday night happens to be Jazz night, so we had good live music going on, and some phenomenal food. I had the chef's daily special, which happened to be a gorgonzola, mushroom, and spinach stuffed chicken breast, with pasta and fresh zucchini. I can't even remember the name of it, but it was amazing. Even now, remembering it makes me somehow feel better about the state of Seattle cuisine.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

An All Nighter

Apparently the Senate spent all night debating an Iraq War Resolution, only to not accomplish a damn thing, and make themselves all look like asses.

Way to go guys! Don't worry, we don't expect you to justify that $165,200 a year in salary. Or the other money that you spend fucking around eating pizza and debating all night...

But while your there, can you possibly work on making something of a dent in our dependence on foreign oil, securing our borders a bit, and maybe work on that pesky Social Security thing?

Just a fucking thought...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Six Minutes To Midnight

And it is still 78 degrees out.

The humidity is above 80%.

I can't sleep for anything. I know that tomorrow I need to be well rested, and the only way that is going to happen is if I gun down two or three cans of Rockstar before I go back to sleep when the alarm goes off.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday Night

So I managed to make it through my birthday alive and well.

There's some minor confusion about some stuff, but I think that is just the vagueness of life managing to catch up with me. Don't worry, nothing drinking related, I just can't figure out some people and their shit.

No drama on my birthday. Success number ONE!!! This year went off without anyone hating anyone else. No fights, no bullshit, no worries.

Well that's a bit of a lie. I hate someone that I met. But that isn't me hating someone that I used to like, because of something that happened on my birthday. It's that I met someone that I don't really think is up front and honest with the people that he deals with, and that it might end up hurting one of my friends.

So the day was a good time. Ms Very Nice and I spent the morning at Wild Waves with a friend of hers before they had to go to work. It was a great day to go for the first time, 90 and sunny. We rode a ton of rides, learned that the paninis (grilled sandwiches) there suck, and were worn out by 1PM. So I went home, took a shower and just kicked back.

Turns out that a friend from work was having people over and wanted me to come out to his place. Even more fun out there at his place.

Today was recovery and such. Not really from the drinking, just the entire day in the sun wearing me out.

Friday, July 13, 2007

I Got Love For You, If You Were Born In The Eighties...

So we are T minus 6 hours and counting from my birthday...

Twenty four years ago TODAY (the 13th) my mom went into labor. After an entire day I finally got here. I will get the phone call about that tomorrow night at 8:03PM (pacific time, every year since I have moved out)...

In retrospect, 23 was the most tumultuous year of my life.

-Work... At work I was promoted twice this past year, three times if we go back to the first of July, 2006. And through all of the hard work, long hours, and total bullshit, I still love my job. I just spent a half hour fitting ten cases of beer into my fridge. And only then because I had already filled the mini fridge in the garage with another four. And the weird thing is that it isn't for my birthday. Just because I thought I needed a bit more beer around the house. We were running right to the bare minimum, down to two cases. You can't even throw an impromptu party with two cases of beer.
What was I talking about? ... Oh yeah, work. The free beer part of work side tracked me.
So anyways, work managed to be my rock this year. There were some tremendous changes, but everyone of them for the better. Even if I bitch and complain, there is only good stuff to be said about being the beer man.

-Family... I lost my grandmother right before Christmas. That was tough on me. Even worse on my grandfather after 49 years of marriage. Then just last month, my mom had a real close call. I am so happy that she is OK now, and recovering at home. It's not instant, and it's going to be a long journey for her and my dad, but alive is the first step. I have no shame in admitting that I really am a "mommas boy." I still remember one of the few fights that I have been in (that wasn't in a hockey game). Kid cracked wise about my mom, and immediately had a hard time breathing afterwards (I was 14, and 5'11"/175lbs, but at that age the concept of someone being bigger than you really doesn't kick in).
Kicking ass aside, I am happy to have my mom still, and feel truly blessed. I can't wait for the
"guilt trip" tomorrow. I look forward to it every year.
There were no additions to the family this year. That's the first time that has happened in a long time (two babies and a wedding in the last three years, and that's just off the top of my head). I have my cousin's wedding in October. That's going to be a blast. Weddings are when my hick ass family gets together and shows their true colors. It's truly a sight to behold. I'll have to remember the camera for that one.

-Friends... Boy they stepped up big this last year. You can read about why below, but it's enough to say now that they are the real reason that I am who I am, and I thank God that I have them around. All of them (even the ones that I may fight with from time to time) would always be there for me the moment that I needed them. Four of them got engaged (that would be two pairs of friends, who were just in relationships at the start of the year), and I couldn't be happier. Plus excited to go to the weddings. One of them is going to be in The Bahamas, and Stormin is going to get his ass bitten by a shark while trying surfing. But at least I get to watch to friends get hitched in a fine white linen shirt and my nicest khaki shorts. Sandals in the sand is classic, I don't care how cliche it might have become.
The other we aren't quite sure about yet. Probably in Spokompton (Spokane is the ghetto). Hood wedding anyone? I am going to have pull out my best powder blue tux for that one. [Come on, I love you guys, you know that I would never upstage Mike at the wedding by dressing flashier :-)... ]

-Relationships... OK, so 23 was the worst, and best, year of my life when we start talking about relationships. I haven't posted a lot about it (or at all), but 23 kicked off with the end of a 6 year relationship that had all but defined my life. And it was a messy end...
But there was positives to be had in all of that. For over half a decade, I had not been on my own, and finally having the chance to be single again I learned that it is a very different world these days when you aren't in a relationship. It's definitely not a bad thing, and I can't say that I didn't have a whole lot of fun this past year.
Now I find myself at the edge of "willing to venture into a relationship," and it scares the hell out of me. For some reason I don't think that scared is a bad thing to be. That last one ending hurt like hell for a long time, and I'm in no hurry to be there again. But this new girl is more and more worth the risk every time it does cross my mind.

Wow, so that was pretty much 23...

New things:
-Not getting carded at bars. I'd say that it happens only a little bit, but it's still crazy.
-Healing in weeks rather than days (my knee still hurts from something three weeks ago).
-Yelling at people to "slow down" in my neighborhood.

(Neat, that last one makes me feel like I'm minutes away from an AARP card and catching the early bird special at breakfast with Ethel and Phyllis.)

Only a few hours left. And then one year left to cheap ass car insurance! 366 days to Ferrari time! (Hey, getting older ain't so bad.)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Funniest Shit EVER

Disclaimer: Do not play the following video if you are easily offended, or if you happen to have sensitivities to "PC" issues.

That said, this is one of the most horrifyingly funny sketches EVER, from "The Whitest Kids U Know," a new show on FUSE that happens to make Dave Chapelle look like PeeWee Herman.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sick Of It

So I am so sick and tired of women that I am no longer dating/fucking/whatever calling me when I am seeing someone new and not calling them.

Just got off of the third call of this nature in the week (which is two days old)...

Is this that difficult to discern?

Here's the point: If I'm not calling you, and you see me out with someone else (or hear about it from someone else, which was the last call), then it should be pretty obvious that something else has come up, and it isn't involving you...

(Sorry for the rant, hopefully the right people read this and get the point, rather than calling me up whining about what; "I think I am doing.")

The Island

Son of a Bitch... Blogger is being a pain in my ass. This post was supposed to remote post from my cell phone.

So The Island has gone through more beer than I can even imagine...

Translated to volume: 1575 Gallons of Beer. In a week...

Monday, July 9, 2007

Making It Through Monday

So today was on of the busiest Mondays in a very long time.

It would have been reasonable to assume that the weekend AFTER the week of the Independence Day holiday would have been relatively slow in comparison to the week preceding it. People should have gotten their fill of drinking during the week.

But record high temperatures and the ice cold refreshment of a good beer kept the people coming back for more. Sales over the weekend were epic, and tomorrow is going to be even bigger because I have to visit The Island. It amazes me that every summer it MUST be like this, and yet every winter I forget just how busy it can be when it's hot out.

Aside from work, I finally got the drive up to reorganize my room. This may sound like a minor event, but it was really necessary because the ergonomics of the room sucked. It was just difficult to have anyone in the room due to the fact that my obnoxious dresser took up a ton of space, and the TV sitting at the foot of the bed also made for a lot of useless room.

Why have anyone in the room?

Well if you can't figure that one out, you shouldn't be reading my blog. :-) J/K...

In reality the best TV in the house is in my room, and the Playstation 3. If I want to have friends play, they have to sit in my room. Which used to be a pain in the ass, even though I have a comfy leather chair in the room. Now there is a lot more space and the same comfy chair is just easier to get to. That said, I am still in the process of working out all of the final details of the situation... There is a BUNCH of stuff that I need to clean up, and I have two mirrors that are going to need to go somewhere, I am just not sure where. Somehow in making more room, I have also made a lot more of a mess.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Ending The Week

So Friday night I spent the entire night out with the Ms. Very Nice. And when I say the entire night, I mean from 9PM to 4:30AM at the casino and having a blast. We never even really realized how late it was, just that we were having so much fun. The casino was PACKED, and I had no clue as to why. Apparently today being 7-7-07, people thought that it was somehow destined to be lucky. I have no clue how all of them did, but I kicked some ass. We left the casino at and weren't home until 5AM...

The sun was coming up.

Then Saturday I had to put on a wine tasting on The Island.

Jesus, I was dragging for the first hour I was awake (10AM). But soon the adrenaline kicked in (or maybe it was the Rockstar), and I was doing great. The wine tasting was a big success. We sampled 6 new wines that all were delicious, and everyone had a lot of fun. I am now exhausted.

So my Saturday evening went on unplanned. I was sitting in the sun, on the balcony of a freinds restaurant, sipping an ice cold beer and waiting for what is the finest steak money can buy. And for me, it's free.

After 7 days of work in a row, I'm calling it good and taking Sunday off. I have a few things that I need to do today, but nothing that is going to require more than the minimalist amount of mental and physical effort. Sleeping in late and being lazy are at the top of my agenda. I didn't get out of bed until 11AM, and I'm hungry but I have no desire to go out and get some food, or cook anything here. L-A-Z-Y

It's great.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Wrapping It Up

No... Not that...

Get your minds out of the gutter, I mean explaining how the holiday went.

So we are now well past the Independence Day celebrations, and into the aftermath. Fortunately, there was no party at my house, and as a result it DOESN'T look like a third world country fought a civil war in my backyard. My buddy KB is not so fortunate.

So I arrived at the house at 8PM, and everyone was well on their way into having a great time. The keg was tapped, the grill was going, and it was a good time. Then the fireworks...

They had purchased a TON of fireworks, and it was NUTS. Think of the best possible outcome in a situation where you have a bunch of drinking Twentysomething year olds, and fire works. Then imagine the exact opposite of that, but with nobody getting hurt. That's what we had last night. It was crazy. KB's backyard makes Beirut look like Monte Carlo...

Then there were the other consequences of the drinking that went on. These are some memorable gems that I will recall for a long time.

-Everyone thought that they could chug faster than the Beer Rep. THE FOOLS!!!! Nobody could beat me, and I mean not one person. No beer bongs, no sophisticated shotgunning, just 20oz Solo brand plastic cups and lots of them. Chris managed to keep it pretty damn close late in the night, but eventually it got to him. He finished his 9th beer of the evening about a second after I did, losing the race. He started walking to the keg for another, and promptly spewed into the bushes. I will give him credit though, he did his best to puke and rally!

-Beer pong played against my roommate and Gosh does not work when my teammate is HAMMERED at the start of the game. But in all fairness, The Mad Scientist (my roommate) was pretty damn close to lit up, and Gosh was keeping pace with him. We lost by ONE cup. I haven't lost a game of beer pong since O'Sullivan and I got our asses kicked by the really hot Nichole, probably 6 months ago... And I think that she distracted me with her hotness, because O'Sullivan was D-RUNK and I was doing my best to defeat her one on one. (Hahahahaha, which makes me remember the time he fell into the beer pong table and COVERED his shirt in beer. The solution that fit best at that moment: ditch the shirt. And the result is that a distinct majority of the photos from that party are of him without a shirt on... Ridiculous)

-Wednesday I went to work the morning of the party at 4:30AM to be done early, and ended up being their until 2:30PM. I came home, took a nap, and was up at 7PM. I went to the party and brought 30 hamburgers, to go with the hot dogs, chicken, brats, and Polish sausage that was already there. I ate nothing at the party and ended up having half a burger from Jack in the Box at 2AM. The last time that I had food having been 6PM on Tuesday night, I was still not hungry enough to like the food at Jack in the Box...

Last but not least:

-If you throw a party at your house, it's best to make sure that the people that you invite know where the bathrooms are. It eliminates a lot of confusion and speeds up the whole "line" thing. EVEN MORE IMPORTANT, make sure that if you direct a drunk person to the bathroom, you visually confirm that they make it there...
Because if you don't and they are really drunk, a closet door and a bathroom door look the same.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

It Feels Like Friday

Even though I am going in to work tomorrow, it still feels like a Friday.

We have sold copious ammounts of beer. I have been so ridiculously busy that I'm not sure what day of the week it is, but I know that I don't have to wear a tie tomorrow, so it must be Friday...

That or it's because I am halfway through one of the little guys below:

Five Liters of fun. The roommate and I are doing a bit of a warm-up for tomorrow night's festivities.

As a bit of an UPDATE (I have no clue as to why I love to capitalize that one word), the wonderful new girl that I have been out with a few times continues to be wonderful. I am kinda smitten with her (I can't think of one word that conveys the whole, "I smile when she calls or texts me" feeling, so that one works). Today some people form my work ended up going to the restaurant that she works at and she noticed the logo of my company. She regaled them with a story of how I won't allow any of my friends to drink beer that isn't mine, and that when we go out she always looks to me for approval on beer selections. The woman had NO CLUE who she was waiting on, and made me look like a shameless brand promoter in front of the people that matter in my company. It turns out that she waited on the President of one of our major brands, and my department administrator...
I got an email from the Admin to call when I could. Turns out that the brand prez was so happy that people that do not even work for us promote our products, and are proud to be associated with the people who do work for us. And: "that in my life I convey the same passion for our brands that I do at work." This wonderful girl made me look like the Don King of the beer world ("Only in America!!!!"). She is so adorable...

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Update On My Life

Hahahahaha... As if someone is really that concerned.

My mom is doing better, and she will be home from the hospital by Wednesday. I am really happy to have heard that from my dad, and she called me herself earlier.

My ex has proven to be even more of a horrible waste of human life than I thought she was. I don't really need to ellaborate, it's sufficient to say that I am now mad that she continues to be a drain on society by using resources and contributing nothing but pure evil to the world...

That said, the really nice girl that I met continues to be an really nice part of my life. It's odd to me to even consider having feelings for someone beyond the physical attraction kinda phase, and I know that I don't have any real "feelings" for her quite yet, but I could see it happening. That worries me. (See above, if you really need a reason why.)

I have been invited to 5 Independence Day parties. Two are work related, and I should attend one of them if I want to be concerned with my career. Two of them are friends that are all but family, and I really would like to go. And then one is a group of friends from the high school days. That party would be more fun than a couple of the others put together, but I'm not sure if I want to go because a couple people who piss me off are bound to be in attendance. I am probably going to be taking Miss. Very Nice to whatever party I end up attending (she asked me what I was doing today and I laughed and replied that I had no clue), and I have no clue if I want her to have to put up with that drama, or deal with the people I work with.

"Live Free, Or Die Hard" - is probably the most bad ass movie that I have seen in a long time, and I wholeheartedly recommend it. I saw it once with VN, and then again with my buddy O'Sullivan on Saturday (which was followed by some baller ass Chicken Piccata made by his fiance, altogether a great evening hanging out with friends).

Mike Hargrove quit as manager of the Seattle Mariners... He will be replaced by bench coach John McLaren (Formula One passion considered, I like the guy already). This is the weirdest resignation in sports in my memory. The Mariners are on fire, and if the Angels ever stop winning, they will dominate the division. I am shaking my head about this one, but whatever he needs to do to be happy I guess...