Thursday, May 31, 2007

If It Was That Simple

So the title of my blog evolved from the fact that most things in life are ridiculously simple. Easy beyond belief, even. Yet the human factor tends to make stuff so much more complicated, and suddenly it's no longer easy. Things that should be done without hassle require effort, and then things that were even close to hard have become Herculean tasks that can only be accomplished by the best among us in society.

Life is like juggling. Most of us can get two balls in the air without trying (OK, that sounds kinda dirty). In life I have found that most people can do TWO things at once. If they focus and remain driven to complete those two tasks, they can mulitask enough to get both done. Practice and hard work lead to some of us being able to carry on three or four tasks simultaneously. Just like a juggler with three or four balls in the air, a lot of focus on each task is required to keep everything going. But it can be done.

But just like juggling, there is a limit that, once reached, is a definite wall. Pretty soon people just can't keep adding, and no matter what they do, something is going to fall.

What brought this up?

My boss was given the simple task of picking up 4 tickets to tonights Mariners game.

Well... 4 tickets, and a parking pass.
Ok, in reality... 4 tickets, a parking pass, and a dinner gift certificate for the Pyramid Alehouse next door.
Oh yeah, and that one other thing... 4 tickets, a parking pass, a dinner gift certificate, and the month end recaps for the buyer I'm taking to the game.

And then he had to do everything else that he normally does in a given day on top of these things.

So, he passed the request along to his assistant, who got it all done and back to him today. He got the envelope, confirmed the contents, and passed it on to me.
Inside my envelope was; the recap data, the parking pass, the gift certificate, and four tickets to tomorrow night's Mariners game...

My boss works his ass off, and I can't blame him for the mistake. How many of us look at the date when we are handed tickets to something. He was expecting four tickets, and look what we have here, FOUR tickets along with all the other shit Stormin requested...

Of course everything else was right, and why would we think that the people that work for us would forget the date you told them, and then go with Friday night. But that was his assistant's genius IQ at work.
After all, to his assistant Friday night made perfect sense. Who would want to be out late at a baseball game when you have to go into work the next day? Friday night means that you can be home at pretty much any time, and not worry about the alarm in the morning. And I guess that logic fits for me.

The only thing is that I found this all out about and hour and a half before I was going to leave for the game. So I had to call the buyer to change the date, look like a jerk in the process for giving such short notice, and then look like an even bigger jerk for when I passed the blame on to my boss' assistant. (I've known the buyer for years, so he was confused as to how I messed up.)

Isn't it really his fault though? Doesn't that person deserve the blame? If he forgot the date, he knew whom the tickets were for, and he has my cell number. He could have called me and had the info in a matter of minutes. Probably while he was on hold with the Mariners...

But at the same time, I could have known that it was right by doing it myself. I only didn't because I thought that I had to much to deal with today already...

Maybe I need to take juggling lessons...

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Where in the world is...

This person visiting my blog from?


PS: Multiple bonus points, and the first round of beers are on me, if someone posts the last part of that title question in the comments.

PS2: No Internet cheating. If you don't know it, be a good sport and give the chance to someone who might.

PS3: Still kicks ass. (Sorry, old joke.)


But modern and for a video game system.

I am so AMPED about STEEL HORIZON for PSP.

The people on the plane to the Bahamas are going to get so tired of: "You Sunk My Battleship..."

Building That Trust

So there are very few people in my life that know all of my secrets. I would put that list right now at about two...

And it's not that I don't trust a lot of my friends and family, but that I just don't feel that they need to know everything about me all of the time.

Then there are the friends that I trust, but I don't necessarily feel the need to T-R-U-S-T.

I'll leave these people the keys to my house when I'm gone. I have no problem asking them for the favors that go above and beyond a casual acquaintance. For all intents and purposes these people are great friends that I would do just about anything for. But at the same time, can they be all that great of friends if I don't trust them with everything about me?

Part of me wonders why they haven't built that same level of trust as my other friends. I can't think of anything that they have done to make me distrust them in any way. I think that if I had an issue trusting them, we wouldn't be friends in the first place. But something keeps them from being the people that I go to, and puts the burden on the two people that I do feel that I can tell anything to.

And at the same time, I don't want the other friends to feel burdened with the knowledge that I don't want them to talk to ANYONE, even people that they know are my friends, about the things that I have talked to them about.

Why have I even blogged about this... I don't trust you people enough to tell you that? :-)

Monday, May 28, 2007

La Jolla

Someone from La Jolla visited my blog today.

I wore my "La Jolla" T Shirt today, before knowing that they had visited...

Sometimes I find the weirdest things to be to cool.

Overly Competitive

Being the self aware (some may see me as "self absorbed," more than "self aware," but that's a personal problem of theirs not mine) guy that I am, I can admit many faults.

The biggest one (and one that may foster other faults) is that I am way to competitive. It's not at an unhealthy level, but I do my best at everything that I do, and if I'm not winning I know that I can work harder to do better. Effort is something that I see as a rare commodity these days. To many people just appear to trudge through the things that they do, and not give a damn about the results. I'm not content with that, and as a result, I am willing to push myself harder and further to do better.

At times I think that this can be healthy. Competition at work actually leads to my company doing better as more and more people strive to be at the top. The extra effort leads to more work getting done, and the employees doing more to make the work they do better as a whole. That said at times it leads to self destructive behavior that will end in bad things. This past week, Sunday to Sunday, I put in over 80 hours at work, or working at home. Granted this was a holiday weekend here, and a big beer holiday at that, but it was probably a bit over the top and I could have gotten away with much less. But I wouldn't let myself. I don't want to get behind, and being ahead of the game is much more valuable than some time off to sit around and do nothing.

I'm not going to go into sports and such on a play by play basis, but it's enough to say that I play to win... I'm not a sore loser, and I'll never be the guy that acts like an ass during the game, but you can bet for sure that I will not sit idly by and let myself lose again and again. Practice, practice, practice. Thankfully I limit the sports that I give a damn about, and recently running has been what I've been doing the most of (6 minutes a mile for 2 miles tonight). Being overly competitive with myself may lead to an injury there, but I don't time myself during the run, so I only know after I am done if I was slower or faster. It was neat to run up to the porch and see 12 minutes upon returning tonight. The best part being that I didn't feel like I was pushing myself that much during the run.

And then there are video games, which are sadly enough, something that I can't help but love. From Windows Chess (finally kicked Level 5's ass, but it took forever), to PS3 (PLAY B3YOND has got to be the coolest logo ever), and recently ESPN Seen It Trivia (great drinking game with friends), I'm an addict through and through. And I can't lose without examining what I did wrong and where I can fix it next time.

But what inspired this little bit of self revelation? Why am I even writing this one?

Because tonight I got told that I couldn't be competitive, in a situation that I really have been looking forward to, and it just pestered me the entire time. It's not all about winning, but if I can't win, at least let me play the game to the best of my ability to see where I am going wrong... Nobody can expect to win every time, but if you can't even play the game as best you can, then what's the F'ing point?

Oh well, that may have been the point of the fast run when I got home. Nothing like going out and pushing yourself a bit (if not only subconsciously) when your frustrated. It just does a lot to burn that all away and change your focus to something productive.

Maybe I'll take it easy this week. No sense in proving that my salary is half of what it seems to be, because I spend twice as much time at work as I used to.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

My PSP...

Is finally back from Sony. The thing was screwed up, and the screen would not cooperate. So I sent it off, and just like that, they sent me a new one.

Well, I hadn't bothered to update the system software on the old one at all.

This new one has the new software...

Why is that relevant?

Because I am typing this blog entry using the W-LAN on my PSP. I am sitting in the living room of my house, reading blogs with my PSP...

Friday, May 25, 2007

That Guy (Part 3)

So this is the third in a series of posts about "That Guy." TG can be any one of a number of people. Perhaps you work with him, live by him, or see him socially. But he's just that guy that you happen to be this close to slapping the shit out of, and he has no fucking clue. He thinks that he's everyone's friend, when in fact he's everyone's worst enemy.

That past two in this series have been about someone that I work with. Someone whom I have felt the need to stab in the temple with a ball point pen on numerous occasions, and the only thing keeping him alive are the various "legal issues," and the whole "killing someone is immoral" thing. If it weren't for those qualms I would have offed this MF'er an age and a half ago. The crazy thing is that when I started working with him we were friends, but he has worked his way to the dark side in a short period of time. And don't get me wrong, he has his redeeming moments were he helps out, but they're a bit rare. The "throw cyanide in his coffee" moments are a lot more common.

This post has nothing to do with that TG, but another one that keep rearing his ugly head...


These SOB's will see a back up of cars for an exit that's a mile and a half long, and work their way up to the last stretch of road before the exit. Then they put on their blinker like they just now realized that they need to get off the highway, and force their way over.

MOTHERFUCKERS... Get to the back of the fucking Queue. Throw that fucking car in reverse, and wait your fucking turn like the rest of us, you inconsiderate piece of self absorbed monkey shit. We've been doing what we have been taught since the first grade and being patient for those that were before us. Then this MF'er shows up as if he's royalty, and pushes his way into the line. I thing that it should seriously be a ticketable offense. Fuck speeders, at least we're keeping traffic moving. Ticket the assholes that generate back ups in multiple lanes by racing to the front of the line, and then slowing to 5MPH (8KmPH for my non-US readers) to cut their way in. These cocksuckers are slowing up THOUSANDS of people each day in the Seattle area alone.

And you can say to me all day: "Stormin, what about the honest people that didn't know they needed to exit, but they realized it and they need to get off the freeway?" Fine, one free pass (the cops pull up your record with your drivers license), and then a $50 fine each time. They would make the revenues from speeding look like couch change. And That Guy, the motherfucker doing this once a day if not more? That fucking guy would learn quick that a line at your exit means get the fuck in it, or keep fucking driving. Or he'd be a broke as MF'er something QUICK...

So, as always, FUCK That Guy.

Stormin OUT...

PS: This is calling out a friend. So fuck him and his driving, even if he is a great guy... ;-) (I know that; "Thissss isss the way you liiivvvveeee.")

PPSS: And another thing. People in nice cars need to stop this shit right quick, and in a hurry. I know that the BMW drivers can't help it {their head was lodged firmly up their ass the moment that they bought the car :-)...}, but everyone in a Benz doing it is making me look bad. You own a nice car people, not the entire road.

PPPSSS: That said, people going the speed limit in the far left lane can suck my left nut, and then the right one, and then the left again... I bought a Mercedes to drive recklessly and act like I own the road... Just not the lines for the exits. :-) (J/K)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Sunday, preceeding My Thursday...

So I guess that the Karaoke night was a big hit, because we're going out on Sunday night and doing it again...

Timmy and Yenny have some friends who are practically family coming into town for the weekend, staying at their place and such, and so we are determined to go out and show them a good time. I think that it's going to be a BLAST. First off their is that whole, "hanging out with the Yenny and Timmy," which is a guaranteed good time. Then the fact that I had so much fun last time at the Karaoke and so I think that it's only going to be more and more fun. And then last but not least, new people, which I always have fun around.

So now that I am looking forward to the 3 day weekend, I get to tell you all a little story about the day I had today.

I was at work from 6AM until 10PM... But the last 4 hours of my day were spent on The Island. We (yeah there's a "we" there, I make people work long hours with me...) were at one of my accounts, where they needed a lot of beer for a charity event that they are doing Friday. It could have waited until tomorrow morning (well, it's is Friday already, so TODAY) but in my business sometimes going the extra mile for an account is the way of the world.

The WE? Well that would be Timmy and I.

He was done early, so he came up to help me out, and then we were off to the boat for The Island. Six Kegs and seven cases of beer cinched down in the back of this beast of an off-road truck that he drives (I'll post a pic sometime, I swear his front bumper is even with the top of my hood), and away we go. We were there by 6PM, and could have just dropped the beer and left, but a question was asked by the owner: "So do you guys like steaks and beer?"

What kinda question is that? "Do you like steaks and beer?" Of course we like steaks, what red blooded human being that doesn't have some silly idea about "cruelty to animals" doesn't enjoy a delicious hunk of beef? (Rhetorical question, I'm sure someone could debate with me about the error in my animal devouring ways, but as one person dining there with us put it: "Great, more steaks for me...") And then beer? I live on beer. Beer is what keeps the lights on at my place...

I'm reminded of Denzel in that movie Training Day: "A good narcotics officer knows and loves narcotics. A good narcotics officer always has some narcotics in his blood..." I'm a beer rep fer cryin' out loud.

So he sits us down, initially inside, and this is a white tablecloth place. Fancy with a capital F-A-N-C-Y, and they have casual patio seating outside. It was sunny all day, in the 70's, with a gentle breeze. We immediately asked to move out to the patio. Good call in '07...

So the menus were unnecessary, but there was a choice of soup or salad. I had the clam chowder, and T had the caesar. Seattle being a city that is internationally know for chowder, the chowder market here is FIERCE. People will fight tooth and nail over who has the best, and I have to say that I have a definitive answer. Their's is in fact the best. But then the rest of the meal showed up. The steaks and potatoes were brought out (medium rare, or as I stole from a friend: "on the medium side of 'Moooo'."), and the presentation was perfect. Baby asparagus on the side (lightly steamed), potatoes with a sprig of rosemary and some fresh shredded parm reggiano, and a big steak. All of this on plates way fancier than I'll ever own, but hey I've been to nice places before. Now this meal proceeds...


There is no contest, there is no debate, this Ribeye was somehow; the world being perfect, all at once, on my plate. I took probably an hour eating it. Just savoring every bite. And don't get me started on the Demiglasse on the side. It wasn't overly flavored, just a liquid version of the steak, in a tiny ramekin for dipping. I think that between this steak, the perfect potatoes, and the asparagus, I have never had a more enjoyable meal in my life. Then there was the fact that the owner Stormy just kept refilling our beers. We'd drink them down, and more keeps coming. And hey, I don't have a problem with that.

When we are almost through the steaks (and a good bit of conversation too), Stormy comes over and tells us to save room for desert... NO PROBLEM.

So after the steaks are done, the desert arrives, and it's bread pudding. Homemade, still warm, bread pudding. And it was amazing. I have never had such delicious bread pudding in my entire life. 23 years of not knowing just how good desert could truly be. This stuff set the bar. Creme Brulee (Blogger won't play fair and let me type with accents) has been dethroned as the king of deserts in my world. The Louisiana Bread Pudding there is the new champion.

All of this; steaks, beers, chowder (and caesar), and desert, for two... Zero dollars. Stormy said that this one was on him, but be sure to take care of our waitress (delightful young lady named Sara, with a saunter instead of a walk). And that we did.

So I thanked Stormy, twice. Thanked his wife. And then told him to thank Sara for us... As we were walking out to the car, Sara came out of the restaurant, gave us each a hug, and thanked us for coming out. This restaurant is the coolest around...

So, T and I made the 10PM ferry back to Seattle, and he has to be up at 3AM for work. The guy is my personal hero in his willingness to help a friend. His generosity makes Ned Flanders look like an asshole.

So if you're ever on The Island, be sure to stop by The Back Bay Inn.

Say Hi to Stormy if you've got a second, have a cold beer if you've got a minute, and have the Ribeye if you're ready for it... You'll want to free up some time for that last one.


I hate that damn site...

I can't stand that site...

"MyFuckinSpace, a place for idiots..."

But I can't help it, it's the only place to hear the song for free.

Party Like A Rockstar : Da Shop Boyz

This is my new favorite song for one reason, and one reason only... We RUN energy drinks in this area, and Rockstar is the beast in the market.

That said, the three songs on the site are all decent rap music (if you like that). I listen to everything, so I'm definitely going to have to get that album.

Wait, the only thing I don't listen to is Death Metal, to much screaming...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Colonel...

Colonel Angus...


Monday, May 21, 2007

Last Night

So last night a friend called me up to ask if I wanted to go out to karaoke.

This is always a yes, but I never sing. I enjoy going out, I enjoy the camaraderie, I enjoy the beers, but I will not sing.

But Tim, and his fiance Jenn made me sing (technically they made everyone at our table sing). Then my friend Emily who was there made me sing with her. Two songs were put in, but we only got to sing one before the end of the night. (Garth Brooks: Friends In Low Places)

Then some dude put us all on the spot trying to be slick and serenading Brianne with "Lost That Lovin Feeling" ala Top Gun. The dude was pretty damn ballsy, I'll give him that. That said, I don't think that she was feelin' it. But I wasn't going to hate on him, so I sang Goose's part in the whole charade to keep him alive. My help was probably just going to happen because Brianne happens to be my kryptonite, and I can't form complete sentences around the woman. If I'm not going to give up and ask her out, I might as well make it easier for someone else to do so.

Then we managed to sing a couple more songs as a group. It was just a good time, and I made it home by 1:45AM. Good thing that I didn't have to be into work until 10, right?

I have gone out to karaoke far to many times (counting my tenure at Nintendo), and I have managed to NEVER sing. Last night I sang 4 songs... Ridiculous.

The Many Hats

So I was reading, and the topic of Pete's hat just came to the forefront of my mind. He's always wearing one hat.

Meanwhile, I have so many hats, and they all serve a different purpose.

-This one keeps me capable of going to work after a game. (Though I bought a new Oakley visor to replace the Bauer one that came with it)

-This one represents my driving passion, but I won't wear it now. Juan Pablo Montoya is a NASCAR sell out, and so this one sits in the closet gathering dust. Perhaps I'll buy a Lewis Hamilton one this season. (Though I don't like the one I found online.)

-This one gets me called a "bandwagoner," even though I have been a Colts fan for years.

-This one brings back nothing but great memories from years gone by, and painfull ones from the past couple of years.
-This one gets a few funny looks here in Seattle, but it keeps me connected to my team. It also proves that I do not look good in green, and yet I still wear the damn thing from time to time.

-This one keeps the lights on. It is the most notorious hat at partys, and is always in a picture or two...

And last but not least...

-This hat proves that I am in fact capable of ANYTHING, and that if someone tells me it's impossible, they must be wrong. (No, I really don't have that big of an ego, it just somehow works out that way.)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Mariners

Have managed to lose both games that I have been to this season, and that's really quite upsetting to me.

The first one was Thursday's loss to Anaheim (fuck that, "The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim" BS). It was so bad that by the third inning we were just getting trashed... On the field and in the stands.

At least today's game was close. They managed to keep it within a run, and the team was in it right up to the end. The game today went to the 9th really close (2-1) and we managed to get two runners on base. Then a pop out, and a strike out and it was over...

I'd have more to complain about, but the tickets for both games have been free from work, and so free baseball is way better than whatever else I had planned for any particular day.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


I want to learn it...

I think that I may have posted this same thing over a year ago...

See ya in a year...

Shah Mat

So not to brag, but I have been walking all over the Windows Vista chess game on level four (50 consecutive victories).

Meanwhile on level five, I have not won a single game (22 tries)...


Friday, May 18, 2007

My Fun Friday Night

So a couple friends were going to stop by after they get off of work tonight, and after the week I've had, I want nothing more than to just call it off, and get to bed early...

Every day this week manged to be more work than the one before, and Friday was the very definition of the word STRESS.

It's not like it's really hard work, we just spent the majority of the day in a meeting with one of our smaller importers dealing with a bit of "brand management." This is a fancy way to say that we spent five hours talking about their beers and how they feel that we should be promoting them within our company.

Don't get me wrong, I think that our smaller brands are some of our strongest ones. Each one has it's place in the market, and they would not be in my company's portfolio if they weren't a solid brand that we were all proud to be behind. But not every brand is going to be the biggest one even within it's own part of the market, especially when they are going up against brands that are managed and owned by companies with bigger fiscal backing. Yet for the most part, they all have the lofty aspiration of "Owning the Category," fancy trade speak for saying that you're the best among the others that you realistically compete against.

However, the importer that we were meeting with today GETS IT.

Their entire presentation (I couldn't really call it anything else, and that makes it sound so odd, but it felt like listening to a sales pitch) was that they desire for us to establish them as our upscale choice. And all of their beers are in a category (and a price bracket) that makes that desire a realistic choice. So the entire thing was basically their long winded way of saying that they should be pitched not as the primary beer for any account, but as the up sell to the primary brands within our portfolio.

Some of their beers manage to be affordable enough that they could be an every day selection. They range in price from $2.49 to $2.99 a piece for a 16 oz single. Not a "bargain" beer by any standard, but affordable enough to make themselves the choice of enough buyers within this market to really do some serious volume.

Then there are the other beers that move up in the range. $5, $10, and even a few $15 beers.
Not for six, but for ONE.
These beers might have a shot at being Bill Gate's "go-to beers," but for the most part people are not going to spend $15 a beer unless they are at a sporting event. (Speaking of which, the beer tally from last nights game came to $256... Thank God for the expense account.)

So, in keeping with the French, they have instituted an in house campaign of "Drink Less, Drink Better." Which is only funny to me because another brewer managed to beat them to the punch of trademarking it and putting it on their website. But these guys have actually been using the phrase to describe their marketing strategy for a longer period of time...

So here comes the $12,000,000 question (the value of these brands to us)... Do you reach for beer based upon Quality and Experience, or Volume and Price?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fucking Blogger

Deleted my sports post about the Angels being in first and how much I hate them, about the Sabres managing to stay alive in the NHL playoffs, and about the fact that I am amped about the Mariners game tomorrow...

Perhaps it's trying to tell me something.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tuesday (Yeah, the title is unoriginal, but so is the post.)

- What the hell is the Plural of Prius. You would think that because it is a trademarked name, that you could not change the spelling to pluralize it. But a small part of me wants it to be "Prieye"... (Just in pronunciation, I have no idea how the hell I would spell it.)

I saw about a dozen of these getting onto the Vashon Island Ferry today, and it just made me laugh. (After sitting in the ferry line for forty minutes, the weirdest things become very entertaining.)

-I finished the NY Times Crossword puzzle in twelve minutes today. It was a new personal best... By about 10 minutes... I still have about a 5% (1 in 20) completion rate on Sunday puzzles, but I only do them the honest way (no help from people or the internet). Doing this so fast made the wait for the ferry even longer. So I did the Sudoku puzzle in another 5 minutes (everything short of Fri/Sat/Sun puzzles is a waste of my time). Then I drank a Rockstar and read the sports page.

Needless to say, the lowlight of my day was waiting for the boat to Vashon. The rest of the day was blast. It was beautiful, almost 80 degrees (thats 27C, for everyone not in America), and I actually had that "sun sleepyness" when I got home.

The rest of the week is meetings, and possibly a Mariners game (tickets, while great seats, are not confirmed by work until tomorrow). Memorial Day is a week and a half away, and we are busting our asses to get everything done. So much work, so little time.

Monday, May 14, 2007

I Got New Luggage

It's a full set of Ogio.

It's cool looking.

It's COVERED in beer logos...

I love it. I want to travel just to take it into the airport.

I have a feeling NOBODY will have to ask what I do. :-)

The Divorce Is All But Final

That's right people. In a small amount of time Mercedes Benz will be free of the anchor that is the Chrysler Automotive Group...

The crazy thing is that I do wish that it didn't have to be this way. But unfortunately, the CAG has managed to do nothing but barely break even, or lose money, consistently since the "merger" with Daimler Benz in 1998 (-$1.6 Billion last year). The Mercedes Automotive Group is the most profitable arm of the business, and the merger has been attributed by many business analysts to be the SOLE REASON for the loss in share price of DaimlerChrysler AG...

One of the greatest car releases in recent history, the Chrysler 300, is a prime example of what these two companies could do when cooperating to achieve a goal. The car has been a huge hit with buyers and the automotive aftermarket, and despite my thoughts about the vehicle (once was given one as a rental, about which I wrote an entire post entitled "K-Mart Bentley"), it's one of the most recognizable cars on the road today.

But this is one success in a sea of MANY failures, and the loss of the CAG has been reported to have been a bit of good news for the Daimler side of the family. They will maintain a 20% share of Chrysler, and return their focus to competing with BMW, Audi, and Lexus in the upscale luxury market.

I hate to say it, but Mercedes is once again Mercedes, and I am thrilled that they can return to the business of building the best luxury cars on earth... :-)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Grand Prix of Spain


Felipe Massa may have won, but Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso took second and third, further extending McLaren Mercedes lead in the F1 Constructors Championship. It also managed to give Lewis Hamilton sole possession of the points lead in the Drivers Championship, making him the youngest driver ever to accomplish the feat. This kid is for real, and it is only a short period of time before he wins his first race...

Monaco, probably the biggest race in the entire season, is in two weeks. It will be an amazing test of the defending World Champion (Alonso), and the rookie phenom (Hamilton).

28 Weeks Later

So this thing is pretty damn scary.

The problem is that I somehow have a very active imagination, and that coupled with scary movies, is just trouble waiting to happen.

But I should start at the beginning...

So last night I managed to be at a party until about 4:30 in the morning... Then I somehow slept 5 hours and woke up feeling SPLENDID (no sarcasm, I really felt great). So I went about my day. And a friend called and wanted to go out and see 28 Weeks Later. I am not great about scary movies just because my mind is a bit to active, but I thought that it could be a good time, so I agreed.
Well it turns out that he got out of work at 10PM, and so the best time to go see this movie was 10:20 at night... Bad plan, but whatever.

So I went to see this damn thing after getting next to no sleep, after a night of hard drinking and staying up later than I have in years. I should be fine.

But, no... I've had three Rockstars, and then I see a scary movie, and my imagination is running wild. There are certainly zombies hiding somewhere in my house just waiting to kill me...

So if you're looking for a great scary movie, 28 Weeks Later is a great choice. It's even better at scaring the shit out of you if you manage to get no sleep over a two day period, and then have a ton of caffeine...


Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Work Party

Went off without any major catastrophes, though everything was the exact opposite of what I thought it would be...

First off, I thought that the crowd would be smaller. We gave out a ton of invites to clients, and we had a lot of suppliers invited, but I thought that a lot of them wouldn't make it out. Most of the time you can see a 20%-30% attrition rate in invitees, especially on a week night.

NOPE. Every MF'er that we gave an invite to showed up. The place was PACKED, there were a lot of old friends there and old enemies, and a few people that a small part of me wanted to have thrown out just to make them feel isolated.

My old boss (who I am now on the same level as, after my promotion) was there, and I haven't seen him a ton since the move up... COLD SHOULDER THE WHOLE NIGHT. I just wanted to yell; "hey, ASSHOLE, I didn't promote myself so how about you quit avoiding me and say hello.... Douche..." But alas, that would have made a scene, and so I held back. Why is it that some people that were above me are HAPPY for me and my new job, and others (pretty much just him) are just an ass about it. Oh well, I am half his age, and can take solace in knowing that by the time I am at an age where I want to be in a position of real power in the company, he'll be retired and wearing depends... THAT'S RIGHT BEYATCH, I'M YOUNG!!!

If anyone caught that last part, bravo...

Secondly we all manged to have FUN. There were so many new things released at this party, and I lost count. I think the coolest thing was one of our new beer dispensers (no, I did not get a photo and I can't find one online, but I'll post one as soon as we get one in the warehouse. The thing holds a twelve pack of liquid, has a tap, and has an ICE CORE that you freeze and insert into the center. The thing is d'shiznit... Then there is THE BOOT. If you have seen "Beerfest," you didn't need to click on that link. If you haven't seen it, go back and click, it's ok, I'll wait...
Took ya long enough. That's right, I got two of them. It is so going to be ON at my next party. It holds 2 Liters (5.6 bottles) of beer, so I think that should be sufficient to keep the party going! I got a couple of those, and some 3 Liter Steins that are totally B.A. Eight and a half beers in one hard to carry, heavy as hell (when full) container. Drink Up!

And I wasn't the only one to get a bunch of cool free shit. I think that our buyers and suppliers all had a really great time, and it did a lot to promote the company within the trade.

And lastly, everyone was smart and safe. We can all hold our beer pretty well, but nobody decided to push the limits. Just sensible partying all night long, which is probably the best idea when you're at a work function on a work night...

This Friday is not a work function, and not a work night.
We're still in the planning phase, and I need to find a suitable table for beer pong, but it will all come together in time.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Tomorrow Night

I have to attend one of those work parties that will manage to be a good time, but nothing fun. Nothing like a "party."

More like, "Stormin playing nanny to a dozen stuck up people that all think they are the greatest thing to happen to booze since Pierre Smirnoff."

I think I am still going to manage to have fun. Perhaps I will try and get some of them drunk.


Just fuckin' ROCKS...

(Halfway through season 4)

Monday, May 7, 2007

One Of Those Days

When you just realize that the money doesn't matter, the perks aren't enough, and you'd give anything to have the audacity to walk into the CEO's office and just let them know that you'll be leaving in two weeks...

Then you think about it, calm down, and realize that it was just that day, and that tomorrow is going to be different. Tomorrow is going to be better. And the next day will improve, and then so will the day after that. Then just like that, it's Friday, and the weekend has arrived.

Maybe it was just one of those days because it was Monday?

Round Three, The Conference Finals

DISCLAIMER : This has to be posted by me, so that there is written proof that this is the way I said it would go down.

So with the Detroit Red Wings / San Jose Sharks series being the only Semi Finals series left, the much hated Red Wings could end it tonight with a win.

That said, I would love to see the Sharks win two in a row, and manage to take it from them.

It's a bit early for my pics, as Detroit hasn't won yet, but assuming the worst:

The Eastern Conference Finals
- The Buffalo Sabres (1) will play the Ottawa Senators (4). A lot of people are going to write off Ottawa right away, but I think that this series is going to be a long tough one, and may go all the way to 7 games, with Ottawa winning it. Statistically in the playoffs, both teams have great goaltending, and while Buffalo has scored more goals, they have also faced the #8 seeded team, and then the #6 seed. Ottawa (while in no sense an underdog), has had to play against teams with better goaltending, and so I would expect closer margin games, and less overall scoring. That said, I also think that Ottawa just will have the drive and play better.

The Wester Conference Finals
- Assuming that the worst things all happen at once, the Detroit Redwings (1) will play the Anaheim Ducks (2). This series will be another tough one, and I think in the end, Detroit will manage to win if they get to play the Ducks. The Red Wings (though fiercely hated by many) are a phenominal hockey team, and will have the momentum of just coming off of the win against San Jose. Anaheim has great goaltending in Giguere, but his numbers are better than they should be. He spent the entire first series at home with his wife, because apparently his new baby is more important than The Stanley Cup... (We can all see why Stormin will never find a suitable wife...) So his Goals Against Average, while GREAT is still having played 4 games less than Hasek. Had he played the games in the first series, that number would have surely increased (look at Bryzgalov... 2.04 GAA in the first 4 games).
But then Anaheim does have the best penalty killing in the playoffs (3 goals allowed in 56 PK situations (5.35%), NEVER allowing a power play goal at home). Meanwhile, Detroit has the best power play stats (5 for 25, a straight 20%), so maybe that doesn't matter.
Like I said, it's going to be tough...

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Seis De Mayo

Ow... My everything hurts.

Not from drinking, though there was PLENTY of that, but because I got tripped by a drunk friend, and tore up my knee and elbow. The crazy shit that happens when you're having a little to good a time.

So today I am thrilled because we are less than a week away from the fourth F1 race of the season, and it's been a LONG FUCKING TIME since I've been able to get my racing fix. Why they schedule a one month break three races into the season is beyond my comprehension, but it is what it is.

In other sporting news, yesterday Jeff Weaver managed to give up six runs in a Mariner loss to the Yankees. As much as losing sucks, knowing that Weaver didn't cause the loss causes a bit more discomfort. Offensive production just was not there. No hits for almost 8 innings!!!! We managed to finally get a hit late in the game, but 22 consecutive batters were retired before that happened. After a 20 hit game on Friday, this was a sad one to watch.

And I called the fight right. Knew it... Split decision or no split decision, Mayweather remains undefeated.

Friday, May 4, 2007


Still managed to be an eight hour day, but a lot of it was enjoyable.

Tomorrow is going to be freaking insane. We have a huge party with work, where we are going out to some of the biggest Cantinas in Seattle and the surrounding area, to party it up for Cinco de Mayo.
Afterwards (we should be done with that by 8PM), I'm having some friends over to grill steaks, hang out, and just relax after a hard day of partying.

So right now, I've just finished watching the Mariners game, which was a nail biter, but they managed to win 15-11. And I happen to be enjoying a bottle of 1990 Chateau Margaux (delicious), eating some grilled skewers of lamb (Souvlaki style, because I love rosemary and garlic), and mac and cheese. That's right. Lamb and Bordeaux with my mac and cheese. It's freaking SPLENDID people. I really should get paid for this shit. The mac and cheese is my recipe (posted before on the old blog, but if you need it, email), and makes the boxed stuff look like cat food. But the grilled lamb is the star...

Which brings me to my next point. Grilling.

I happen to be a grilling aficionado. I feel that there is a right way to do it, and a wrong way. Gas is a no-no. I don't care how good your gas grill is, how much you try to cheat by adding those wood chips to the "smoke tray," or how much you dislike charcoal. If you don't like charcoal just broil your food in the oven, and throw the grill away. (And I'm not hating on gas, I won't own an electric stove, that's just lunacy.) Grilling is about DRY HEAT, and one of the primary byproducts of burning propane is WATER VAPOR. Steam is not dry. Plus there is flavor. Gas adds no flavor at all, where wood adds a TON of flavor.

But it doesn't stop there. I use special charcoal. Not briquettes, even though Henry Ford is a genius for inventing them with waste from one of his factories, but chunk charcoal.
This stuff burns hotter, tastes better, and has no additives. (IT'S WOOD)

And to fire the charcoal. I build a miniature flat roof house out of hardwood in the grill, with a sheet of wadded newspaper inside. Place the charcoal on top, and light the paper. Think about what it would be like to burn down a Lincoln Log House, with flat roof that had charcoal on top. Wood fires the charcoal, and then becomes more coals itself. The flavor is unbelievably good, and I refuse to grill any other way.

Then there is timing, marinades, and everything else. But for Grilling 101 you need to remember 3 things. Hardwood charcoal, firing it with hardwood, and avoiding any kind of "fuel" be it propane, lighter fluid, or the like. There will be more grilling rants throughout the summer.

So now my lamb is gone, I'm a quarter of the way through the wine, and hockey is on.

I'll be posting a Cinco Wrap Up later tomorrow. Until then...

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Mid Week

So this is the official Mid Week Update, as my blogging has been spotty recently. Work has managed to consume all of my free time on weekdays, but that is about to change.

Stormin got smart.

After putting in a lot of 12 hour days, I just thought to myself that there had to be a way around it all. And so I thought long and hard about that one for all of Monday, and came up with a simple solution. Take some of Fridays stuff, and do it every other day during the week. Only the stuff that could be done early, and only that which I knew would not change on me mid-week. And so I did just that...

Ladies and Gentlemen, I honestly have about 8 hours of work to do tomorrow, and I will have a three hour day on Friday.

Now I know that I won't manage to make that happen, and in reality I may have about 5 hours worth of stuff to do, but that's way better than 6AM to 6PM...

Aside from that, things are going well. The new accounts I manage are a sickening combination of picky motherfuckers the will debate every last detail, and relaxed laid back casual people who want nothing more than to make sure they are making money. I like the latter, and have already gotten right to the edge of being in trouble because of the other ones.

Today one of the PMFers called me up, when I was already busy and behind in the work I wanted to do. Apparently something wasn't EXACTLY FUCKING PERFECT (in their opinion) and then needed me there IMMEDIATELY. I am not a pushover at work, and I wasn't born yesterday. I know that if I give them everything that they want, without any kind of restriction, even once, they will expect it every time. So I told them that I would be by in an hour, hour and a half tops... I go there in an hour and fifteen minutes, and stopped in to see the person who had called. She proceeded to tell me everything that was wrong, and how they had a corporate tour that was going to be overseeing all of these wrong things that were going to get her in trouble.
I assured her that we had in fact set everything up right, because I knew their manager and had gone over the changes with him. Well that went over great...

PMFer - "There is no way that he approved that, because he has told me before that we aren't going to be making any changes to the initial months plans once I have them. He's the one who is going to yell at me when he see's how wrong this is."

Stormin - "PMFer, I assure you, I have spoken with him about this already, and he's fine with it. If anything comes up when he is in tomorrow, simply have him give me a call. I really can't be stopping by for things like this, when I could have told you this over the phone."

PMFer - "No, that's not good enough. Your word doesn't stop me from getting in trouble with him. I have him on speed dial, because we have gone over this so much."

Stormin - "Let's ask him."

And I pulled out my phone, and hit ONE key to dial him (that's right, he's in my 5 BITCH)...

Stormin - "Boss Man, I just wanted to call because I'm in seeing PMFer, and I needed to confirm that those changes that we talked about last week are OK. I'm going to put you on speaker."

Boss Man - "Yeah, of course they are OK. Why would you even ask?"

Stormin - "PMFer wanted me to be sure, and I wanted to confirm it for both of us."

Boss Man - "She had you drive over there? You could have talked to her about it on the phone. Anything she needed to verify she could call me herself about it."

Stormin - "No worries, I was close by. I'll talk to ya later."

Boss Man - "Take it easy..."

Stormin - "If it's easy, I'll take it twice."

Boss Man chuckles (he expected that reply from me) and hangs up.


One down, five to go. The others are already TRAINED, or they are just cool and know that I do my job and do it well.

On a side note, I met a new, cute, SINGLE (for a change) girl. Shockingly enough, I think that I may have to ask this one out... She's MY AGE (also a change) and apparently, according to friends, a really nice SANE girl. It would be a refreshing change of pace!

Fucking iTunes

Won't let me play my fucking songs, that I fucking bought, because it doesn't play well with Vista...

And don't give me that "Boo, Microsoft" crap either. It's the same computer with a different OS, and even after entering my password a bajillion times (is that the correct spelling on bajillion?), I still am banging my head.

Fucking Steve Jobs, and fucking Apple. Get to work on making this shit compatible with my damn 64 bit Vista, or I'm buying a fucking Zune.

Rant over...